Fibonacci Ceiling Lamp by Sophus Frandsen for Fog & Morup, Denmark, 1960s

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The Fibonacci pendant lamp, designed in the early 1960s by the Danish architect Sophus Frandsen, has become a timeless classic of the legendary Danish lighting company Fog & Mørup. The lamp was produced until the early 1980s until Fog & Mørup closed down. The lamp received a gold medal at the Leipzig Fair in 1967 and was selected for inclusion in the Die Gute Industriform show at the Hannover Messe in 1968. The Fibonacci lamp is a lamp in which the designer has worked hard in The shield of the bulb, and the result is an almost total non -slip in all directions. Therefore, Fibonacci can be suspended high or low, as preferred, without dazzling, at the same time, giving uniform and diffuse lighting of the room. Light and airy design makes it appropriate in almost any interior and for any style. For the fibonacci lamp you only use transparent bulbs, so that the distribution of light is correct. The mocking portal is adjustable to the different bulb sizes, so that the distance to the shade is always ideal. Lamp in perfect condition condition. Wiring replaced. The lamp has been checked by an electrician. The lamp is fully operational.

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 48 × 48 × 30 cm